ineffable love.

A lot of people think that love is easy, and I am a prime example that is it not. Being in love may be the hardest and most painful thing you ever experience in your entire life. Only its not the love that hurts. Its what comes after. When you’re still madly in love but everyone around you, including yourself, is telling you that it is time to walk away, because it is whats best for you when in reality, you’re the only person who knows when its time to walk away.

A year ago, on Labor Day, I invited a cute guy to come over and watch a movie with me. A year ago, I met the guy I would later fall in love with. A year ago, I didn’t realize that I had met the guy that would change my life forever.

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Wine Tasting in North East, PA


Today I got to go wine tasting with my best friend after living 20 minutes from the Lake Erie Wine Trail for the last 5 years! We were able to visit 8 wineries in about 3 hours and it was such a blast.

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Easter 2018

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Easter Sunday is always one of my favorites because I get to spend it with my moms side of the family. The last two years I have spend the Saturday before Easter working at Burch Farms helping with their annual Easter Egg hunt. I had such a blast this year and there was such an amazing turnout and the kids had so much fun!

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Pictured: Grape Spark after morning yoga

10 Day Cleanse

10 days ago I started Advocare, or as I like to call it, a gift from God. Advocare focuses on giving you a jumpstart to reach your weight loss goals and let me tell you, it definitely has lived up to that.

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MAC Cosmetics Goody Bag

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I have never been one to buy expensive makeup, (unless I have a gift  card or I’m not the one buying it) because most of the time you can buy the same makeup for a third of the price. However, I recently was sent a goody bag from MAC Cosmetics and after trying all of the products, I wanted to breakdown the items that are definitely worth the price and the items that aren’t much different from less expensive brands.

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Nutrimost- HCG Diet

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The summer of 2016 I was living in Michigan and I had gained a lot of weight junior year. This was when I discovered Nutrimost. I wanted to write a blog summarizing my 6 week journey and the ups and downs I experiences while doing this diet.

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