Flawless Execution.

So my best friend from HS came to visit over the weekend and let me tell you, I am STILL recovering from this weekend.

Abby got here Friday around 6 which gave us just enough time to catch up, shower, and get read for a night at Tao. Friday was fun because even though Grace only stayed at Tao for maybe 15 minutes (and stole my ID), I got to finally introduce my high school best friend to my first best friend in Chicago. The pregame was fun, the bar was more fun, and the rest of the night, well, flawless execution. IYKYK

Saturday morning, after we finally arose from the dead, we got our lives together and made our way to Barcocina for brunch. This place was by far the cutest brunch place I had been too and they played insanely good music. It was $50 and you got an entree (which I chose bang bang shrimp of course), a full breakfast and fruit buffet, and unlimited breakfast drinks for the entire 2 hours. They served mimosas, prickly pear mimosas, skinny punch, margaritas, and a beer variety. I am not proud, well no actually I am, that we had each one, multiple times. (minus the beer, its brunch not a frat house)

After brunch we went to Replay which was an arcade bar and a place I had been wanting to go for a while now. It was so fun because they had a brewery and a full arcade. The games were all 25 cents and we tried as many as we could!

After we were pretty drunk, we made our way back to my apartment around 6 and took a glorious 4 hour nap. We had planned on meeting her friends out at 7:30 but clearly, since its us, didn’t make it out until 11:30. We went to a couple bars, (to which I was drinking water because of a pounding headache from drinking for the last 24 hours) and then made our way back to my apartment to binge good girls until 5 am.

Sunday morning we were feeling so much better then we were the previous morning and I was able to wake up, shower, clean, and get some work done before abby had even woke up. Buttt when she finally did, we went to Portillo’s for the first time and it did not disappoint.

Although this weekend was extremely exhausting, it it always so much fun seeing old friends and getting to explore to new places in the city.

XO, Jord

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