When you realize pregaming with Tito’s post grad is a lot harder than it was in college.

So I FINALLY had a friend come and visit me in my beautiful new home!

Over the weekend I got to spend time with my best friend from college and we had SUCH a blast exploring the city.

On Friday, as I was recovering from a massive hangover, my friend finally arrived and we went out to dinner at the Fireplace Inn in Old Town. This place is awesome for food because they have so many options and you get a lot of bang for your buck. Not to mention $16 vodka lemonades served in a LARGE movie theater slushy cup (which is almost 6 drinks). After we had dinner we went to the Christkindle Market downtown and got some chocolate treats and hot chocolate to warm us up followed by a full on photo shoot by the Christmas tree downtown. We ended up calling it an early night and went back to my place to watch Netflix, have a few drinks, and get a good night’s rest for our big Saturday plans.

Saturday was full of lots of sightseeing. We tried to go to Skydeck but the wait was absurd so we ended up getting Giordano’s famous Chicago pizza, which was absolutely incredible. After that we went sightseeing for the day and walked around the city and went to Navy Pier to watch the most incredible sunset. Saturday night though, we decided to do Tito’s shots as a pregame and let me tell you, neither of us were happy about it in the morning. Our night consisted of expensive drinks at Sparrow, a prohibition bar, and a few $20 shots at Pour House before we both decided we needed to go home.

Sunday morning we brunched at the CUTEST place, Hampton Social, and the rest of the day consisted of walking around, finding a taco/margarita bar in a side alley, and a long nap. After we had regrouped, we went and saw the zoo lights to end a fun filled weekend!

Moving to the city alone can be hard, but having friends come and visit on the weekends a little less lonely.

XO, Jord

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