Hummus & Za’atar


In the 8 months I have been with my guy, I have realized three things; he is an amazing guy, he loves his family, and he loves his Arabic cuisine.

Recently, he took me to the international market in Erie where we were able to get fresh Pita Bread, Authentic Hummus and Olive Oil, and Za’atar. Until today, I had always seen hummus as a food fad and the only time I had eaten it was plain with veggies. Today I got to eat it in a whole different way!

We first cut up the pita bread and the meats, then we mixed the hummus and the olive oil into one bowl, the za’atar in another bowl, and put plain olive oil into a smaller bowl. Traditionally, you are supposed to dip the pita into the hummus and olive oil mixture and you can also dip the pita into olive oil itself and then into the za’atar.

This was an amazing meal and we ended the night with hot black tea with fresh sage leaves and tea biscuits!

Coming from a tea and food junkie, I think its so fun to try new things and I love being able to do it with someone I love while also learning a little more about their religion and culture.

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