When you go wine tasting with your best friend, always bring a baguette and a designated driver

Today I got to go wine tasting with my best friend after living 20 minutes from the Lake Erie Wine Trail for the last 5 years! We were able to visit 8 wineries in about 5 hours and it was such a blast.

We started in Erie and made our first stop at Courtyard Winery. I purchased a bottle of Vignoles ($11.99) and Caryn purchased a bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon ($18.99). Besides the two we bought, I really loved the Chardonel ($16.99). Both the Vignoles and Chardonel were a semi-sweet white with fruity aromas.

The next winery we visited was South Shore Wine Company. South Shore Wine Company is owned by Mazza but it has entirely different wines at their location. South Shore is a historic stone wine cellar and it is absolutely gorgeous inside. We ended up falling in love with the Niagara ($9.45) and the Sparkling Pinot Noir ($19.95) but only ended up buying the Champagne.

After South Shore we made our way to Yori Wine Cellars. Yori was right in downtown North East and I absolutely loved their Beach Glass Red ($13.99), Niagara ($11.99), Isabella, and Strawberry wine.  Caryn ended up buying the ? and I bought the Niagara.

After Yori we went to Arundel Cellars & Brewers Co. Arundel is known for their sweeter wines. Although I didn’t purchase any wines from here, My all time favorites are Wild Child, Young Love and Soulmates ($11).

After Arundel we went to Arrowhead Wine Cellars. At Arrowhead I really loved the Diamond (10.99), Ginger Cider ($4) and Cabernet Sauvignon ($14.99) but only ended up purchasing 2 bottles of the Ginger Cider.

After Arrowhead we went to Lakeview. Lakeview was my favorite because as soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by a PUPPY! How much better can life get? At Lakeview I really enjoyed the Red Sky ($12.00), the shipwreck ($12.00), and the Port ($47.50). I purchased the Red Sky because it was more in my price range but my friend Caryn purchased the Port. The port was served with a chocolate kiss and was well worth the price.

After Lakeview we went to Mazza. Mazza was a short visit because most of my favorite Mazza wines I enjoyed at South Shore. We sampled the Pink Catawba ($9.45), Niagara ($9.45), and my favorite was the Cabernet Sauvignon ($17.95).

After Mazza we went to Heritage. Heritage is one of my favorites because of their almond wine. The Almonderia ($13.00) reminds me of my childhood because my Pap and Grandmere use to buy almond white cakes for birthdays. The Almonderia can be mixed with Dark Cherry Wine ($13.00) or Kir Wine ($13.00) to get a Dr. Pepper Flavor.

We had so much fun going around to the different wineries and getting to taste all of the local wines!

XO, Jord


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