14 Day Max Phase

Well people, I did it. 24 days of dieting and I didn’t cry once! After the 24 day challenge I feel incredible. My back pain is easing up, my clothes are fitting better, I don’t wake up feeling bloated or irritable anymore AND drum roll please……. I have lost 12 pounds!

I stuck with the same diet as the 10 Day Cleanse Phase although the pills were different.

Morning (30 min before breakfast):

Spark, MINS White

Lunch (30 min before lunch):

MINS White

With Lunch:

MINS yellow pills



You also have the option to add another spark drink in between any of the meals and take the catalyst pills 3 times a day before meals or exercise.

I really enjoyed this diet and although valentines day is coming up and I know I am going to indulge in chocolate covered strawberries and a nice dinner with my babe, I can’t wait to continue on the diet I have come accustomed to. I have ordered more Spark and Omegaplex and I am going to continue to take those with my meals until I hit my weight loss goals. I have a long way to go but this motivated me to keep going because the results are SO worth it.

XO, Skinnier Jord

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