10 Day Cleanse Phase

Pictured: Grape Spark after morning yoga

10 days ago I started Advocare, or as I like to call it, a gift from God. Advocare focuses on giving you a jumpstart to reach your weight loss goals and let me tell you, it definitely has lived up to that. The other bonus is it is reasonably priced. Coming from someone who spent almost $2,000 on her last weight loss program, spending a little over $200 was heaven sent!

The 10 day Cleanse is the first phase of the program and it helps prepare your body for optimal nutrition. I wanted to break down each part of my day so you could see how I received my amazing results.


Everyday I would wake up and take my morning vitamins with my delicious grape spark! After about 30 minutes I would mix up my fiber to drink while I was making my breakfast. Breakfast can consist of a protein, complex carb, and a fruit. I personally don’t like a huge breakfast because I don’t wake up early enough to have a huge gap between breakfast and lunch, so I would make an egg or 2 and a piece of whole grain bread. For my mid morning snack I would usually have an apple or a banana.


Lunch consists of a protein, vegetable, and a complex carb. For my lunch on day 1-5 I had a chicken salad with tomatoes and apple cider vinegar pomegranate dressing. For day 6-10 I made turkey meatballs and I would eat either baked tomatoes or green beans with my meatballs. Between lunch and dinner I would drink another spark and have a vegetable such as carrots, celery, or cucumber!


My Dinners were very similar to my lunches. Day 1-5 I had 4 oz beef burgers that I made myself and green beans. Day 6-10 I had tilapia or salmon and broccoli. With dinner everyday I would take my OmegaPlex with my meal. Although this doesn’t sound like a lot of food, I loaded up on the veggies to keep me full! My after dinner snack I would eat a handful of blue diamond almonds and I would take my herbal cleanse pills before I went to bed.

On top of the diet, I also took Catalyst pills 3 times a day 30 minutes before my meals. In the first 10 days I lost 5.8 pounds. I feel so much healthier and I am noticing the weight loss in my face and my stomach. One thing that helped me with my meals is meal prepping. I meal prepped lunch, dinner, and my snacks for 5 days and it was super easy for my on the go lifestyle. I cant wait for the next 14 day phase to see the final results and finally start feeling better about my body!

XO, Healthy Jord

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