When you aren’t feeling confident, try the HCG diet

The summer of 2016 I was living in Michigan and I had gained a lot of weight junior year. This was when I discovered Nutrimost. I wanted to write a blog summarizing my 6 week journey and the ups and downs I experiences while doing this diet.

Let me first start by saying, it truly does work. The diet is 40 days plus an additional few days to start adding back foods you couldn’t eat during the diet. In 40 days I lost 24 pounds which was freaking awesome. However, the diet came with a few cons.

The biggest problem I had with the diet was I was constantly hungry. The diet consists of eating 500 calories a day and it takes a few weeks before you don’t want to cry by 6 pm because you can’t eat until noon the next day. Basically, you don’t eat breakfast (you are allowed to have black, no sweetener, no sugar, no calorie coffee or an organic tea), you have a 200 calorie lunch and a 200 calorie dinner. The extra 100 calories comes from your two fruit snacks between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. Also, once or twice a week you do an “apple day”. This consists of only eating 6 large apples throughout the day to get your metabolism back on track.

Another problem I had with the diet was the cost. The program is around $1800. However, the only reason I had a problem with the cost is because I am a broke college student and I have no money. I had to actually beg my dad to split the cost with me and I pulled my half out from my savings. If I was a working adult the cost is worth it because you meet with a doctor once a week to discuss our progress and make sure your body is still healthy and not being deprived of any nutrients you need. They also give you weekly vitamins so that you stay healthy while experiencing excessive weight loss and print you out a body scan so that you can track your progress in your journal.

Lastly and unfortunately, unless you continue the insane dietary restrictions, you will probably gain the weight back. Within three months of adding back in healthy food and still working out I had gained 8 pounds back. Granted, I am a college student and I was adding alcohol back into my weekends and my eating/sleep schedule is off but if I have any advice it is SLOWLY add back in foods and try to weigh yourself weekly so you know what foods are adding that weight back on so you can maintain the weight that you want.

Aside from the cons, there was a lot of good. After a few weeks you started getting used to the food schedule and it was becoming routine when taking the pills and drinks throughout the day. The diet is all lean meats, vegetables and fruits. It follows the HCG diet and you truly do lose weight fast and you feel so much healthier by the end of the process. The biggest differences I saw in my health was; Being able to run longer, because of the loss of weight in my back I experienced almost no back pain at night, no chest or stomach pains, no bloating, being able to focus better, and waking up in the morning with no fatigue. These all came from not only the weight loss, but the vitamins they were able to provide me while on the diet.

If you are serious about losing weight and you are experiencing health problems, then I highly recommend this diet. However, it is not easy. I definitely cried multiples times because all I wanted was a piece of chocolate or a slice of bread but the results are amazing. Lastly, stick to it! This is a long term commitment. Don’t expect to keep the results if you return to an unhealthy lifestyle. I wish you the best of luck and message me for any more questions about the HCG Nutrimost diet!

XO, Jord

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