Places I loved as a 20 year old in Rome




Clubs/Bars in Rome

Club Mood– Really good drink prices but beware of the super creepy Italian men who love to grind all over you!!

G bar and Drunken Ship– These are in Campo Dei Fiori but they are American bars! The bartenders will give you free shots if you are nice and tell them you go to American University.

Testaccio- This is an area in rome with a lot of fun bars/ dance clubs for a chill night out.

Scholars lounge– Bring your student ID if you have one and they give you drink specials! This is a cute Irish pub bar with karaoke that I strongly suggest after a few beers!

Shari Vari Playhouse/ Gilda Club– These were insane clubs! Wear fancy clothes and high heels to get in if you’re a girl and dress pants and a dress shirt/tie if you’re a guy!

Trastevere– This area has a lot of local bars and food places with drinks and amazing local foods!

Art café– This is also very fancy! Wear really nice clothes to get in.

Gilda– Another very fancy and glamorous night club. This place has themed party nights & cabaret acts.

**for Art café, Shari Vari, and Gilda you will need a promoter to get in or buy a table. You’ll meet people at bars that can help you!! Or else its like 20-30 euro cover fee.

FAV Restaurants in rome (in Trastevere)

Dar poeta

Osteria dal fortunate

Pizza boom (The guys are really nice there and love americans and its really cheap. Its’ more grab and go… OH and wine is 3 bottles for 5 Euro!!!!)

Grazia & graziella


Those are the main names I remembered going to but all the places in the alley ways around town and down in the main part of Rome are all really good. I tried to eat somewhere different every time!


  • By the American University of Rome theres a place called Home Baked its run by an Italian lady and a guy from buffalo and they serve American breakfast and American food!
  • Restaurants by the Parthenon have really good dinner specials.
  • Giolitti was my favorite gelato place!


I lived in Rome for 5 months and I enjoyed every minute of it. Message me if you have any more questions!

XO, Jord





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