Last Day in Bangkok & Culture Show


Today is our last day in Bangkok! We got in pretty late from the dinner cruise so today consisted of sleeping in and packing up before we went to the culture show. Packing has me so stressed out because I know my suitcase is overweight because of everything I am taking home and the souveniers I have bought but im going to try to make it work!

From being in Bangkok there are multiple things I have noticed that are so different from America.

  1. The escalators are sooo fast!! You have to pretty much jump onto them and hope for the best.
  2. Durian. Durian is a delicious fruit but it has a nasty odor to it so you arent allowed to bring it into public places! The only places it is allowed is on the street and in your own home. If you bring it into any public places it is a 5000 b fine.
  3. There are no paper towels in Thailand. You either get a piece of cloth or a tissue which can make meals very messy and inconvienent.
  4. Buddha head. When I was in vegas I bought the cutest Buddah bracelets and they had the Buddha head on them. Apparently here, if yu wear anything Buddha without his body on it, it is potential jail time and a huge fine… OOPS!
  5. The candy. The kids love ameican candy because the candy here is very sweet but doesnt have really any sugar at all in it. No wonder everyone is so skinny here!
  6. Pink taxis. The Taxi cars in Bangkok are pink, I love it!
  7. Fruit for desert. Chocolate and cheesecake are not a thing here unless you go to a bakery and it is a luxory.
  8. College. I was talking to a man that went to college to be a tour guide! He went to a 2 year university and got his degree in tourism. If you did that in the states people would question your life decisions and im actually pretty sure thats not even a major anywhere in America.
  9. Squid ink. Squid ink is used as a pasta dish here in Bangkok. Its pretty much just black goopey pasta. Im not sure if we have this in America but I definitely havent seen it before. GROSS.
  10. Wildlife. Back home you usually see signs for deer crossing, maybe even a bear but here in Thailand its wild Elephants, Boars, and Tigers. SCARY!!

So the culture show was amazing. It was absolutely beautiful and it consisted of Thai culture such as northern, most northern, southern, southern sea trading, heaven, hell, and the gardens. It was so cool seeing the culture being displayed in dancing and acting of specific Thai rituals and lessons. I even got picked from the audience to send a candle down the river on stage and make a wish. Before the show started I got blessed as well and a white string was tied around my wrist. Once it falls off, naturally, my wishes and dreamed will be granted. (hopefully).

I am very sad leaving Thailand. This trip has opened my eyes to so many different things and I love being around the Thai people. Despite the heat, I will definitely be returning. Maybe not to Bangkok, but to Hua Hin for sure.

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