Sports Camp Tournament/ Sky Bar


May 27, 2017

Today was the sports camp tournament! We had been practicing all week with our various teams for this day. The volleyball team, basketball team, soccer team, and cheerleaders were so excited to show what they had been working on and practice their skills.

It was so much fun watching all of the tournaments because you can truly see how hard these kids have worked. They are so fortunate to have us there and share our skills with them that they put their full 110% into everything we teach them.

The cheerleaders were so cute and I loved watching their cheers and their dances! We did their makeup, their hair and got them ready for their big performance. I felt like a proud mom on the sidelines. All the girls loved being there and I really enjoyed spending the week with them.

After the sports tournament we had a lot of beach time but unfortunately it started raining again! Thankfully we got about an hour in at the beach before we had to pack up and head back! You can definitely tell that it is rainy season in Hua Hin.

After a very relaxing day full of napping and packing, we all got ready and headed out to the sky bar. We were all dressed up and it was such a fun night! The sky bar is at the top of the Hilton and it has the most amazing view of the entire town and island. We all had a few appetizers and some cocktails and got to spend some time with everyone with was so much fun! We truly have such an amazing group of girls on this trip and I am so happy to have made the friendships I have while on this trip.

After the sky bar we went to the Cicada Market for some last minute shopping which really stressed everyone out! I ended up getting a couple bracelets, a notebook, and chocolate covered banana’s!

After the Cicada market we went to the beer gardens and it was so much fun! We went into a bar and there were lots of people, lots of dancing, and lots of drinks! We ended up getting beverly hills long islands… its basically a long island but instead of the coco cola, they add sparkling wine…. Delicious!!

After a really fun night we headed back to the room and were able to luckily sleep in… I think we all needed it after the night we had!



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