About Jordan Taylor

Who I am and Who I hope to be

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jordan but I go by Jord, or Jordy. I just graduated from Gannon University with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and I am continuing on to get my MBA in international marketing. After studying abroad for a semester in Italy with my best friend (peep the Semester AbroadĀ page), I have developed a need for travel and I continue to fuel that passion in my daily life. From sipping cappuccinos in Italy, to trekking in the Moroccan Desert on camels, I have seen only a small portion of this world and I cannot wait until the day I can finally say, I did it, I have done everything in life I could have ever possibly dreamed of.

When I am not doing something school related you can find me binge watching Netflix, maybe working out, at one of my two jobs, or spending time with my family and friends. I drink way more tea then the average person should, and acoustic covers and black coffee get me through the mornings.

I hope you enjoy following my travels and learning about who I am .

XO, Jordy