Who I am & Who I hope to be



Hi Everyone!

My name is Jordan but I go by Jord, or Jordy. I just graduated from Gannon University with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and I am continuing on to get my Master of Business Administration degree. I currently work at a family owned Apple Orchard/Winery run by the most incredible family. Thanks to them, I have learned how to bake breads and desserts, give a proper wine sampling, make handmade applesauce, bottle wine and hard cider, and most importantly, I have learned how important it is to support local small businesses.¬†When I’m not doing something school or work related you can find me binge watching Netflix or Hulu, working out, online shopping with money I probably don’t have, trying out new recipes, or spending time with my family and friends. Some fun facts about me are that I drink way more tea then the average person should, I am a huge fan of acoustic covers, I like my coffee black, and I secretly have always wanted to be a chef!

As far as my travel obsession goes….. after studying abroad for a semester in Italy with my best friend (peep the Photo Gallery), I have developed a lust for exploring this beautiful world we live on, getting to meet people from all over the world, and opening myself up to different cultures. From sipping cappuccinos in Italy, to trekking in the Moroccan Desert on camels, to bathing elephants in Thailand, I have seen only a small portion of this world and I cannot wait until the day I can finally say I have done everything in life I could have ever possibly dreamed of.

I hope you enjoy following my adventures and learning about who I am!

XO, Jordy